Designing presentable and professional packaging, promotional and marketing with your logo conveys a credible message and image of your brand and helps you stand out above your competitors and be seen.

As a business you’ve probably spent a bit of resources (time and money) on your brand development. So you need to maximize your brand exposure and create brand credibility and trust with your customers and potential new customers. This means that by using your branding elements on packaging, promotional and marketing materials will create a connection with your customer as well as brand exposure.

In this blog, we share why displaying these branding elements on your packaging and other materials is important. Keep reading to see why.

This inspires confidence. When customers see that you take great pride in your business, it goes a long way in convincing them that you will want to do a great job for them. For example if a customer shares an unboxing experience that has been well thought of during packaging, it inspires the customer to be confident that their product was well taken care of during the shipping process. And adding personalization elements to the packaging can create a powerful unboxing experience.

A great unboxing experience can take your customers’ first impression from ‘oh this is nice’ to ‘wow, this is fantastic!’

When it comes to marketing, branded packaging, promotional and marketing materials can promote and create connections in ways you can never imagine. Promotional and marketing materials that have your branding elements creates impression that remain with the customer in their mind and every time they hear or see these branding elements it triggers a connection that pops in their mind depending on the encounter they had with your brand. For example having loyalty programs and discounts printed on your promotional and marketing can have a positive impact the customer creating a loyal customer.

Your packaging is the only marketing material that reaches 100% of your customers. It is also the first physical interaction that your costumers have with your brand. Echoing your branding elements on your packaging reminds them why they bought from you. This reminds them that buying from you was the best decision they could make. This results to having a repeat customer.