Without question, business cards create a first impression and most often act as a follow-up reminder to your prospects. They showcase why you are the best at what you do and present a professional image people will remember. This makes them so much more than just your means of sharing contact details. The details, design, layout and choice of paper influence the perceived effectiveness of your cards. Below are 5 ways to making an effective business card:

A clear positioning statement:

Establishing an emotional connection with your brand with a compelling positioning statement differentiates you from your competitors and clearly defines your value. This should be kept as the primary focus around which your business card is built. Below are a few examples of great positioning statement:

  • Starbucks – One person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time

  • Safaricom – Widening our vision, sharpening our focus.

  • Purpink Gifts – Gift better

  • Apple – We just want to make great products.

Include functional content:

Be selective about the information you include and include enough information that will pique the recipient’s interest and make the business card memorable. Questions to ask yourself during the designing and editing process to ensure your business card features the most functional content possible include:

  • Are the details included clear, concise and relevant?

  • Does your message set you apart from your competition?

  • Do your contact methods make you easy to reach via any pertinent method? (Phone, email, physical address, twitter, Instagram etc.) 

  • Does the message on your card encourage another conversation?

A simple layout:

A good design with well-organized content layout needs to capture the eye and stand out from the crowd. You want to have whitespace so that content is not too much or clutter. This helps the recipient to be able to find the information they need with ease. Whitespace also helps attract attention to the space where there is no text or logo hence the recipient can jot down a few words that can help them remember you.

Cater to prospective personas:

Little demonstrations of generosity can go far and your business card is the ideal chance to take into account prospect and customer needs. Stand out from every other card around their work area by giving information that guides them to a helping landing page, website page or other resources that is specific to their business or industry. For International customers, consider printing business cards in various languages. Can’t bear to print singular card clumps for various persona gatherings? Incorporate an intuitive component or included worth that separates you, for example, a link to a YouTube video that clarifies more about your services or products, incorporates a coupon code or unique offer, calendar, and so on.

Make it memorable:

The design and feel of your business card is the no different than a strong handshake with regards to setting a decent first impression. Printing your card on 60 lb stock resembles holding out your hand, and shaking it like a wet noodle. Durability is an additionally factor when you considering how rapidly they are circulated or to what extent they sit in your wallet. An expertly designed and printed card will bring out a more grounded feeling of validity.

Be creative with your structure and incorporate features that stick out. The design should complement the message. Need some motivation? Here are a couple of our top picks. 

Business cards are one of the first and lasting impressions among you and prospective connections and clients. It is intriguing to dissect how this little card can be such an amazing marketing tool. Take a close examination of the anatomy of your card. What changes can you make to create a lasting impression with your prospects and clients?